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Abc 3 05/01/2017 xyz
Abc 3 05/01/2017 xyz

At a glance

Dahmashi Corporation Ltd is one of the pioneering and leading Human Resource Development and Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh. In 1999, it has started its formalized and glorious independent journey with 12 years of ground experience as dividend and many clients in supportive role. Since then, this venture house is in ascending state with a sustained growth record. In the present day, Dahmashi Corporation Limited is a predominant and countable house in this sector.

Dahmashi Corporation Ltd is an icon in the field of Human Resource Development, Empowerment, Recruitment and Employment sector in Bangladesh as well as hiring countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, UEA, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait etc.

Before formalization as the registered Manpower Recruiting House named ‘Dahmashi Corporation Ltd’, it has started its journey since 1986 as a marketer in Human Resource Industry under the sagacious leadership of present Chairman Mr. Noman Chowdhury, exploring huge market demand of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

To maximize business efforts and Hirers satisfaction, Chairman stationed himself in Saudi Arabia with a full-fledged office since 1993. During that long tenure (1986-1998), this organization managed to supply a large number of manpower/employee for all types of industries in Saudi Arabia, Middle East and other Hiring Countries, through many Recruiting Houses.

Since 1999 till 2016, Dahmashi Corporation has managed to employ around 70,000 workers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Malaysia from Bangladesh with successful efforts and utmost satisfaction. During this time, we also managed to employ 30,000 workers for our valued clients from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam and other source countries. With present full-fledged setup, Dahmashi Corporation is capable of managing 10,000 workers per month from Bangladesh with our efficient and workaholic in-house employees and management teams.


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